Puff Enuff electronic cigarette store holds grand opening

Winners and losers will emerge, but are hard to predict at this relatively early stage in e-cigarettes’ development, and there will be margin pressure in the short term across the board as companies race for share. This new uncertainty, and the faster long-term decline of tobacco which we predict, should cause investors to reassess their holdings in the sector. Our modelling suggests that tobacco companies will need to win a greater share of e-cigarettes than they have in tobacco to preserve short-term margins: e-cigarette margins will be lower in the early years. The volume decline in the UK tobacco market, for example, could accelerate to as much as 10% compound annual growth rate. It appears to us that BAT is currently more advanced in its e-cigarette thinking than Imperial Tobacco.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/marketforceslive/2013/jul/09/electronic-cigarettes-british-american-imperial

EU regulation of e-cigarettes a step closer

Puff Enuff, located in the Vicco community of Perry County, opened at the end of May this year, and co-owner Kevin Adams said his business has flourished in the less than two months it has been in operation. Adams said he decided to open an electronic cigarette store after he tried the product for himself. The next day after I tried them I quit smoking and decided I wanted to open something like this, Adams said. Framed above the register is the last pack of cigarettes Adams said he ever bought since trying the electronic cigarettes in March. There are 29,000 smokers in the three counties in the area, Adams said, adding that he thought, so far, he had converted around 150 of those smokers and planned to keep spreading the word. Adams and Jimmy Collins, also a co-owner, plan to celebrate their grand opening with drawings of customers names for prizes every hour throughout the day Friday, and will finish the day with a Hillbilly Howlers concert at the Oasis on the Bottom from 8 p.m.
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Because e-cigarettes are not a tobacco product, companies can get around 42-year-old laws that ban cigarette advertising. Currently, the largest concentration of e-cigarette ads is online. But with big companies such as R.J. Reynolds entering the marketplace, some predict advertising on TV, radio and billboards is not far behind. By around August, we should start seeing significant TV advertising, as well as online, said Colorado-based marketing executive Brent Green.
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E-cigarette maker targets Colorado

As co-chair of the MEPs against Cancer forum in the European Parliament, I have campaigned and pressed for this anti-tobacco legislation for a long time, she said. I am delighted that today we voted against the massive negative industry lobbying campaign whichtried to try to delay, block and defeat this legislation. The vote today called for pictorial health warnings covering 75 per cent of a cigarette package, front and back,as mandatory in the EU.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.thejournal.ie/regulation-electronic-cigarettes-987286-Jul2013/


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