E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Car, Couple Sues

Wirral MEP vows to fight for e-cigarette users

“I went to unscrew it and the battery started shooting fire toward me and then exploded and shot the metal pieces onto my lap.” Her cotton dress caught fire said Ries, “I got severe second-degree burns on both the back of my upper thighs and my lower buttocks.” She described the battery’s malfunction as “a blowtorch type of fire and then an explosion.” Her quick-thinking husband pulled the car over into the emergency lane and threw a cup of coffee on her to put the fire out. Ries said she’s still visiting doctors at UC Irvine Health Regional Burn Center. Gregory Bentley is representing the Ries’ in a lawsuit against Benham Zolgdahr, the retailer, and Corona-based VapCigs. He said that the new product is not being properly regulated. “Right now, at least how it stands, the FDA is regulating this whole industry as a tobacco product, so all of the component parts, including the battery, the charger, and so on, are not tested for safety,” the lawyer told CBS. “The more this goes on without being regulated, the more it’s going to happen,” said Ries.
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Illinois raised taxes on cigarettes by $1, to $1.98 per pack, in June 2012. The state Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability reported last month the expected revenue of $212 million in the first year would be about 39 percent short of projections. The shortfall was attributed to smokers who quit or stocked up before the increase took effect. Vaping instead No smoking signs in no-nonsense red-and-black block letters are posted on pillars outside Tribble Vapors. Castleman said smokers from other parts of the strip shopping center were using the corner at the front of the shop.
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High taxes sparking e-cigarette business boom

MEPs agreed to treat e-cigarettes as medicines, reducing their availability compared to tobacco and putting big costs on users. Vaporising nicotine to be inhaled by the smoker, the e-cigarettes give addicts their hit without many of the harmful chemicals and second-hand smoke produced by regular cigarettes. The issue will now be the subject of a vote by the full European Parliament in the autumn.
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E-cigarettes an emerging alteratnive

“It can be problematic for those with circulatory issues.” E-cigarettes are not regulated or approved by the FDA. DiLuzio says if you puff, do your research. “There is still a lot we don’t know about them,” she says. “What you’re inhaling is going past metal that’s vaporizing a chemical.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.nbcnews.com/id/52462083/ns/local_news-minneapolis_st_paul_mn/t/high-taxes-sparking-e-cigarette-business-boom/


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